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We identify your IT security vulnerabilities proactively, preventing hackers from exploiting them

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The growing prevalence of privacy breaches in organizations today has made security testing an indispensable and vital aspect of organizational development strategies. To cater to our client's security requirements, we provide a holistic testing methodology that extends beyond penetration testing, enabling the swift identification of security vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure.

We assess security measures

We test the security of websites and applications to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses

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Fortify Your Digital Defenses with Our Comprehensive Security Testing Services

Typical Security Threats We Address

Cross-Site Scripting

Web Apps Vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Enabling Script Injection for Attackers

Cross-Site Request Forgery

Exploiting User Trust for Website Attacks.

Code Injections

Manipulating Invalid Data to Exploit Computer Bugs

Server-Side Include Injections

Enabling Remote Code Execution on Web Servers Through Exploits

Authorization ByPass

Discovering Vulnerability Paths and Privilege Escalation

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Finding zero-day Vulnerabilities

Provides Hacker's Eye View

Domain Specific Tests

Business Logic Tests

Expertise in Intrusive Tests like DoS, DDoS and More

Manual Verification to Eliminate False Positives

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