Healthcare and Life Sciences

Monitor the health of critical business aspects with innovative analytics


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare analytics offers intelligence for making better healthcare decisions. At Apptad, we empower you to create applications that identify patterns and correlations in complex health data. We help your leverage data from variety of data sources such as hospital management systems, patient records, diagnosis, operating and treatment costs, and more. Our innovative healthcare analytics solutions help healthcare managers operate more efficiently and effectively.
We leverage people, processes, and advanced analytics technology to deliver solutions that can transform the healthcare industry through analytics. Our unique perspectives on modernizing data and analytics have helped many enterprises tackle the complexity of healthcare data management issues, and equipped them with the intelligence to prepare for the future.

Key Offerings

Drug Trial Management Systems

  • Extract metadata and data form on-prem databases, convert to common cloud DB syntax and load data into AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Azure SQL or Synapse

AI based image analytics

  • Extract Power center mapping and transformation definitions and convert to IICS. Tweaked to provide higher accuracy than native PC to IICS utility from Informatica

HIPAA Compliant Data Management

  • Reconcile data between source system, data lake, data warehouse and analytic reports for wide range of data and analytics platform

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