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A lot of data problems today have common solutions. Quite a few migrations and automations have fundamentally the same basic components. Why reinvent the wheel when a solution already exists?
This is the philosophy behind Apptad accelerators. Our portfolio of accelerators ensures that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Apptad accelerators are focused solutions that are ready to deploy with minimal or no configurations required. The accelerators save up to 60% in effort, time and costs. We offer these as value adds that ensure consistent quality. Our dedicated team of experts regularly keeps these accelerators updated. Our flexible licensing terms mean you always get the best deal.

Key Offerings

Cloud DB migration

  • Extract metadata and data form on-prem databases, convert to common cloud DB syntax and load data into AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Azure SQL or Synapse

Informatica IICS migration

  • Extract Power center mapping and transformation definitions and convert to IICS. Tweaked to provide higher accuracy than native PC to IICS utility from Informatica

DQ automation

  • Reconcile data between source system, data lake, data warehouse and analytic reports for wide range of data and analytics platform

Cloud native data integration automation

  • Metadata model and boilerplate implementation of common data integration patterns using cloud native DI services for AWS - Glue & Lambda and Azure – ADF & Functions

Continuous build automation

  • Jenkins and Github based automation to implement version management, continuous build and deploy. Plug and play DQ automation to provide end-to-end coverage.

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