Creating a Culture of Data in Education



The education sector is ushering in a new era. The pandemic has given impetus to online and remote learning. With so much going around in this sector, building a culture of data is being felt. Data and analytics can give the education sector the right compass to navigate and strengthen their offerings, adopt new teaching models and methodologies, revise programs, and ensure a better teacher-student ratio, fit, and ecosystem, amongst other factors.

Today data is invaluable for the growth of the education system, and Apptad is the right partner to help the sector harness its data. At Apptad, we support the education sector with robust offerings that include data preparation, availability, and usage. Our solutions cover the entire spectrum of needs, from linking student records, teacher records, test scores, course selection, finances to certifications, licensure, salary, and more. In addition, our solutions help in different areas of the knowledge economy. We make organized, analyzed, and up-to-date data available to decision-makers, practitioners, and knowledge providers to revolutionize the way they carry out education. Moreover, we offer insightful dashboards, real-time feedback, distilled reports, and critical information to equip decision-makers with information at their fingertips.

Key Offerings

LMS Analytics

  • Understand behaviors of learners via analysis of learning management systems (LMS) data such as LMS participation, duration of participation, number of lessons completed.

Adaptive Content

  • Develop an AI powered adaptive sequence of content based on learner behavior, recommender systems. This content is personalized based on individuals traits and learning styles.

Academic Analytics

  • Improve administrative decision-making and resource allocation via analysis of data across information systems and LMSes . Help leaders transition to holistic decision-making through analyses of 'what-if' scenarios.

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