Denodo is a leading provider of data virtualization solutions, empowering organizations to gain real-time access to their data across diverse sources without the need for physical movement or replication. Their platform enables agile business intelligence, data integration, and data governance, delivering valuable insights with unmatched efficiency.
Our collaboration with Denodo guarantees a smooth integration of Apptad's advanced solutions with Denodo's robust data virtualization platform, streamlining data access and expediting the implementation of intelligent solutions.

Our Denodo Offerings

Explore the power of seamless data virtualization with our comprehensive Denodo offerings, transforming how you access and leverage data across your organization.

Logical Data Abstraction

Presents all data assets in a conceptualized form, detached from the source systems storing the data.

Smart Query Acceleration

Helps tackle complex analytical scenarios.

Unified Security and Governance

Denodo Data Virtualization provides advanced security and governance, with controlled access to your data via a single point of control and administration.

Flexible Data Integration

Empowering adaptability across an extensive spectrum of use case demands, ranging from real-time federation to selective materialization (caching, aggregation-aware summaries), full replication (ETL, ELT, micro-batching), and streaming.

Universal Connectivity and Data Services

Effortlessly establish connections to a diverse array of data sources through multiple connectors, and facilitate seamless sharing by leveraging SQL, JSON, REST, and GraphQL APIs.

Advanced Semantics

Presenting a data catalog that streamlines data discovery through AI-driven suggestions and collaboration functionalities, utilizing business semantics that dynamically adjusts to the preferences of data consumers.

Key Highlights

Fast & Easy Implementation

Real-time Data Access

Hybrid multi-cloud environments

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