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Leverage on Data and Analytics to build SMART Retail


Retail & CPG

Data and Analytics offer a key differentiator for securing a competitive advantage in retail. At Apptad, we deliver quick, actionable insights to you from all your retail data. In the era of Omni-channel customer experience the ability to consolidate offline and online data is critical. Our data wrangling techniques help you derive information from any data sources. Our insightful, innovative analytics uncover the right insights for you on various facets of your business, providing you a complete 360 view of the entire business and its operations. In addition, we seamlessly integrate with your POS, RFID, Inventory, Supply chain, warehouse or any other application to deliver unified analytics. We share insights that help you improve all customer touchpoints and offer your customers an authentic omnichannel shopping experience.

Key Offerings

Inventory Management

  • Process a wide range of data from past sales, stock outs and anticipate future demand for your inventory keeping in mind the seasonality and lead times of your business.

Omni-Channel Customer Segmentation

  • Improve the quality of services by synergetic management of the numerous channels and points of contact with the customer. Ensure optimal customer experience across channels.

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Have a real-time view of your supply chain, while ensuring no stock outs at every node of your supply chain. With AI capabilities, learn an ever-fluctuating production flow and even anticipate the need for changes.

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