Fintech & BFSI

Leverage the best critical analytics and insights with our focused solutions for the BFSI sector that lead to better decision-making and increased profits


Fintech & BFSI

The BSFI sector is incredibly data-intensive, handling not only large volumes of data but also highly sensitive data. At AppTad, we simplify the complexities of financial data securely and scientifically with our broad spectrum of solutions. We help companies address fraud prevention, risk management, credit allocation, regulatory compliance, customer analysis, and behavior studies. In addition, we combine our expertise in data science with emerging technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics for dealing with structured and unstructured data.
This facilitates a deeper understanding of financial
data and enables decision-making based on valuable insights.

Key Offerings

Credit Risk Analytics

  • Use Big Data from various sources to predict if a customer will default on a loan. Analyze history and credit reports of the customer to find "safe to lend" customers

Consumer Analytics and Personalization

  • Utilize customer transaction data in conjunction with 3rd party data to offer personalized solutions with the help of behavioral targeting.

Fraud Detection

  • Monitor and analyze activities of the customers to detect and flag any suspicious or malicious activity in real- time.

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