Migration of on-prem data and analytics environment to Google Cloud

Seamlessly migrate your on-prem data and analytics to Google Cloud. Leverage cloud data warehousing and data lake modernization to gain speed, scale and cost efficiencies. Trust us to manage all the complexities and ensure near zero downtime while reducing migration costs and risks.


GCP adoption is rapidly increasing owing to maturing capabilities, integration with Google ecosystem and strategic push towards multi-cloud approach. GCP enables enterprises to avoid vendor lock-in and speed up development with a clear multicloud strategy and a modern cloud infrastructure built on open source at its core. GCP offers best in class security, has industry specific solutions and requires significantly lesser admin efforts compared to competitors.

Apptad has helped over a dozen enterprises modernize their Data and Analytics platforms using next-gen cloud capabilities. Apptad's deep technical expertise in Cloud-native Data Engineering and Analytics ensures that your migrations get implemented first time right. Apptad's readymade accelerators, frameworks and blueprints help you seamlessly migrate your workloads to the cloud, reduce turnaround time and minimize risk. Start with a quick strike program conducted by senior architects that defines the scope, helps you select the right cloud services and provides an actionable roadmap.

One of the many reasons to choose GCP

GCP is backed by Google which is the pioneer and most extensive researcher in distributed computing. With the recent enhancements in GCP there isn’t much to choose between AWS, Azure and GCP. Add to it the seamless integration that GCP provides with Google Workspace, android and a wide array of technologies, you have a very compelling proposition to include GCP in your multi-cloud strategy.


Why Apptad for GCP Migrations?

Proven Expertise

  • Dedicated Google CoE with Senior Architects certified on GCP. Our GCP partnership provides the extra comfort that enterprises seek.

Fastest time to start

  • Our accelerators, frameworks and blueprints coupled with our guaranteed 2 week onboarding means you have the fastest time to Market.

Quick strike program

  • Our industry leading GCP Migration Quick Strike program helps you create an actionable roadmap and calculate the TCO upfront

How it works?

Step 1 - Quick strike program

With the help of Apptad's experienced cloud experts choose the right Rs from 6 R's of Cloud Migration. Define scope, prioritize business requirements, define target design, recommend best-fit technology and define implementation roadmap.

Step 2: Migrate

Build an operational foundation for your migration, prioritize the loads to be migrated and migrate all your workloads to GCP. Develop a rollback strategy for each step of the migration. Check for any missing steps and adverse events. Analyze the migration performance.

Step 3: Optimize

Proactively monitor the migrated workloads to ensure that all applications are working as expected. Undertake performance and cost optimization initiatives with the help of our ready to use frameworks. Uncover opportunities to deliver enhanced value using readily available cloud services.

Business Benefits

Save Costs: Apptad's GCP Migration programs have Reduced Total Cost of Ownership of up to 33%

Enable next-gen data platform like data lake, data mesh and data fabric with Apptad's Expertise

Modernize data integration tools to reduce data latency using cloud native streaming capabilities

Keep your cloud spends in check with Apptad's cost optimization services

Integrate with Google suite including BigQuery, Google workspaces

Improved Data Security and Risk Management with zero trust model

Case Study

Cloud Migration of Insights Platform to GCP


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