IT Products


IT Products

The BSFI sector is incredibly data-intensive, handling not only large volumes of data but also highly sensitive data. At AppTad, we simplify the complexities of financial data securely and scientifically with our broad spectrum of solutions. We help companies address fraud prevention, risk management, credit allocation, regulatory compliance, customer analysis, and behavior studies. In addition, we combine our expertise in data science with emerging technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics for dealing with structured and unstructured data. This facilitates a deeper understanding of financial data and enables decision-making based on valuable insights.

Key Offerings

Cloud Product Strategy

  • Answer the the “what” and “why” questions of your cloud strategy.Cloud first, buy before build, best of breed or multi cloud? We help you choose what's the best cloud strategy for you.

Cloud Migration

  • Migrating product workload from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud requires careful planning. Maximize the benefits of cloud computing with migration tied to higher-level business goals.

Process Digitization

  • Successful digitization efforts start by designing the future state for each process without regard for current constraints. Deliver a truly seamless experience by digitizing existing paper based, manual process into end-to-end customer experience.

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