A set of templates that create a blueprint of your success



Apptad Blueprints are light weight building blocks used as a reference template. These blueprints can be used in a standalone manner or with other blueprints. These blueprints expedite your proof of concept (PoC)and development efforts.

Our blueprints portfolio covers a wide range of components right from infrastructure templates to UI templates. With our blueprints at your behest you always have a model to look up to. Our dedicated team of experts regularly keeps these accelerators updated. Our flexible licensing terms mean you always get the best deal.

Key Offerings

Cloud infrastructure template

  • Collection of common data and analytics infrastructure templates in Terraform to expedite environment set up on AWS, Azure or GCP

Domain specific BI templates

  • Foundation BI reports and underlying reporting layer data model to expedite creation of more sophisticated and complex analytics in Tableau or Power BI

Reference data models

  • Industry specific foundation data models for key subject areas available as executable ANSI SQL DDL scripts

UI templates

  • Library of frequently used application UI screens available as AngularJS pages

Core machine learning models

  • Implementation of foundational machine learning models such as clustering, regression and classification available in python

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