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The primary objective of all software, whether it's for desktop, mobile, or web applications, is to ensure peak performance in every situation. At Apptad, our load testing services are tailored to assess software performance under typical and expected peak loads, determining the application's optimal operational capacity and identifying factors contributing to performance degradation.

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An impressive array of tools at our disposal, empowering us to tackle any challenge with confidence and precision.

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Tools we use –

Bottleneck Identification

We evaluate your application's capability to manage workloads and maintain data flow.

Software Configuration Issues

Frequently, improper settings can impact the software's capacity to handle workloads effectively.

Hardware Constraints

Inadequate CPU performance or memory limitations may be contributing factors.

Scalability Issues

If the software cannot handle the desired number of concurrent tasks, it may lead to results in errors or delays.

Sluggish Performance

Your application exhibits reduced speed.

Version Performance Analysis

We assess changes in performance from previous to current versions, whether they have improved or deteriorated.

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Fine Tuning

Key Performance Testing Criteria

The primary emphasis of performance testing is to evaluate the following aspects of a software

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