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Often, hardware and software are developed separately, yet they are anticipated to seamlessly interact. However, this task is far from straightforward. The challenge arises from the multitude of operating systems and web browsers, necessitating software or applications to perform flawlessly across various combinations. Our test engineers have incorporated Backward Compatibility Testing and Forward Compatibility Testing into our processes, ensuring version compatibility and delivering exceptional performance and user experiences. Backward Compatibility Testing checks software against compatibility with older versions, while Forward Compatibility Testing assesses compatibility with future platform versions.
Experience our comprehensive device compatibility testing service at Apptad Testing. Our compatibility lab is well-equipped with the latest operating systems, databases, peripherals, and platforms to ensure a thorough evaluation of your product's performance across a wide spectrum of technical specifications.

Assisting in the efficient creation of high-performance websites and mobile applications, following a clearly defined approach to save time and resources.

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Tools we use –

• Font size variations.
• CSS style modifications.
• Content or label overlaps.
• User interface adaptations, encompassing UI aesthetics and experience.
• Screen functionality anomalies such as rotation, scrollbars, and alignment.
• Compatibility issues arising from damaged or incomplete tables or frames within the software.

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