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Strategically executed automation testing adeptly addresses challenges associated with extended rework and delayed releases, while also delivering a host of additional benefits. At Apptad Testing, we firmly endorse the idea that incorporating test automation in software testing can significantly reduce the overall testing costs. It also facilitates more frequent release cycles, ensuring swift deployment of new application upgrades and enhanced functionality.

We Automate –

UI Testing

Functional Testing

Unit Testing

Compatibility Testing

Intergration Testing

Regression Testing

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We offer an array of automation services to our customers

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Tools we use –

• Selenium
• Visual Studio
• Appium
• Cucumber
• Rest Assured
• Robot Framework
• Test Complete
• Jenkins
• Postman
• TestNg

Our Automation Techniques​

We specialize in defining and implementing tailored test automation strategies, spanning mobile, desktop, and web applications.

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