“A regional health insurance company was facing growing pains as a result of winning new work on multiple ACA exchanges. As a result of fast-paced and changing needs of the post-ACA healthcare space, this provider found itself managing three separate administrative platforms and databases. The lack of comprehensive views of an individual’s data across systems was impairing the provider’s ability to enter and compete in new markets in a cost-effective manner while keeping data integrity and customer experience satisfaction high.”

The Impact

To ensure the successful implementation of the product and its proper incorporation into the flow of business data through the enterprise, Apptad installed and configured the IBM InfoSphere MDM solution, provided integration guidance and solutions for different data flow patterns, and crafted processes and best practices for data management within the context of the overall MDM solution. As a result, the client has IBM MDM fully configured for use by the first four source systems, where the roles are defined and controlled through Active Directory to minimize future changes to MDM. Maintenance and support are streamlined, as handled by Informatica and TIBCO. Plus, access to data enterprise wide is now available in a single application.

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