Implementation of automation for master data management enables the company to become a strong data-driven organization via continuous improvement


A financial services company




Insurance and superannuation, banking


North America

The Challenge

The client wanted to provide and maintain high standard of services to their customers. However, managing humongous customer information was challenging due to scalability issues. To meet their vision, they required data and analytics capability, which could provide actionable insights and support them in better decision making.

The client need was a foundational information and master data management (MDM) system that could support analytical capabilities, understand the customer needs better, and generate more revenue opportunity.


Apptad implemented automation for MDM to maintain the golden records and utilize the information effectively. This helped keep the data accurate, complete and current/valid. The MDM solution had CRM and other business apps, which provided inputs and acted as source to the MDM app. The MDM solution was also integrated with an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) application.

Solution highlights:

  • Maintained the MDM app in accordance with the client’s regulation and compliance requirements
  • Tracked, maintained and improved customer master information asset as they moved through various stages of the data lifecycle
  • Supported and developed enhancements in MDM version using the source registry concept
  • Defined custom survivorship rules for each critical data attribute based on the source system’s data quality
  • Automated MDM testing using Robo framework with Python
  • Hosted ETL and MDM on AWS cloud service (PaaS)
  • Leveraged QS AVI for address standardization with quarterly updates
  • Used GitHub as source control mechanism
  • Implemented Dynatrace SaaS for system/application monitoring at ELB and node level
  • Enabled AWS CloudWatch integration with MDM for alerts
  • Facilitated Dynatrace integration with ServiceNow for auto-raised alerts/incidents


The MDM application decommissioned the legacy CRM application and proved to be the key point for customer data and analytics capability. It allowed them to focus more on insights rather than data preparation. The client now has more control over the data with its MDM application taking care of all the data quality, governance and security issues.

  • Operational cost savings of 20% with continuous improvement of MDM application
  • Automation of MDM testing led to 96% effort reduction in cycle time, which ultimately increased the end customer responsiveness
  • Saved up to 430 hours/54 person days YoY due to automation
  • Better customer experience for millions of customers with intuitive and responsive MDM application with a single service for multiple search criteria, which eased the search time
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