Leadership Team


Leadership Team 

Any team is as good as its leadership and any leader is as good as his team. At Apptad, we have a set of leaders who have worked their way to the top rising through various challenges at every level. This 'hands on', rooted in technology approach has made all the difference for us.

Amit Dubey

Co Founder and Director of Technology Solutions

Amit is the Director of Technology Solutions and a Co-Founder at Apptad. Throughout his entire career, Amit has been a ‘Data’ person. He has extensive experience in Data Engineering, MDM, Data Strategy and Enterprise Data Architecture. Amit is a hands on technologist with a deeply analytical mind. He specializes in simplifying business complexities for his customers.

Apptad is a highly specialized follower of Enterprise Data Management strategy, where Amit lends a comprehensive approach to meeting the challenges in data integration and transforming those into a level of success. Amit leads his teams to design, implement and enable MDM, Big Data, Data Governance, and Business Intelligence practices for Apptad’s clients.

Arbind Kumar Singh

Co-Founder and SVP Technology

Arbind is an IT leader and strategist in the field of Data Services, BI, ERP-App Integrations, Vendor Management, and Contract Negotiations. Throughout his 17+ year career, he has served in various roles including Engineer/Tech Lead/Solution Architect/DevOps/IT Management, Program Management, IT Delivery Management etc. At Apptad Inc., Arbind is a Co-Founder and SVP of Technology.

Data is an enterprise asset and an informational capital that requires an integrated strategy to support its growth. It helps you to get a first-mover advantage over your peers. Arbind focuses on developing and implementing long term data strategies for Enterprises. A long-term play helps to prepare human resources, processes, and technologies for future business.


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