Reltio : The Golden Path to B2C Customer 360

What We Learned from World’s Largest Retail & Consumer Brands


In Brief

Modern digital-savvy consumers make informed choices by exploring multiple options acrossseveral channels and rely on personalized and social media recommendations. Top retailers and B2C brands recognize that the customer experience is at the heart of their business and want to participate in every stage of the buying journey. The focus is on understanding the customer and offering a superior personalized experience to maximize the customer lifetime value.

Developing a deeper understanding of the modern consumer is often the first step of thedigital transformation journey. Top B2C brands with a robust digital transformation initiative want to leverage customer data, which must be clean, consolidated, and compliant. However,they struggle to get the single source of truth for the customer across all channels and
visibility into the complete customer journey, negatively influencing their customer-firststrategies and marketing effectiveness.

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